RSS Feeds and keeping in touch

I’m finding RSS feeds really useful. I’m using Google Reader, and am setting up subscriptions on various blogs and websites. I also spotted a Devon Libraries entry on Library Web, which I wasn’t expecting to see, even though it’s been on the local news. Crediton Library’s Wii – congrats to Lesley and Beatrice!
Definitely a good way for me to keep tabs on updates and news items.


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I’d love to say that this post was motivated purely by the inspiring FJF TA Group today, but I must confess that guilt is even more powerful! I’m now going through 23 Things again to see what I still have to do. Like the Morecambe & Wise / Andre Previn sketch, I’ve got the right elements, but not necessarily in the right order…………. I will persevere and become more organised!

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Neil Gaiman on libraries

I’ve been coming across high profile support for libraries recently. Keith Richards in his forthcoming autobiography saying “When you are growing up there are two institutional places that affect you most powerfully: the church, which belongs to God, and the public library, which belongs to you. The public library is a great equaliser.”
James Lovelock, in the BBC4 series Beautiful Minds, spoke of the impact his local library had on him as a child, and how the knowledge he absorbed there gave him the foundations on which his scientific career was built, and with it the Gaia theory. Today, one of my regular newsletters included 3 recordings of Neil Gaiman talking about the importance of libraries – in Minnesota. Well worth a listen!

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iPods and iTunes

I was telling my nephew Alex about the 23 Things, and showing him this Blog over the weekend. I explained how far I’d got in the programme, and that I’m a bit behind on the Technology Blog. He’d spent some time with me helping me to put some music and audio books on to my shiny new iPod – very patiently, and showing me how to do it, rather than just leaving me gasping as his fingers blurred across the keyboard! He suggested that I should use my iPod as my Technology project, so that’s what I’m going to do!

I have learnt how to set up an iTunes account, including the importance of having internet Broadband to be able to do this. In my innocence, I assumed that an iPod is just like a portable storage device, but with headphones attached, and that I just needed to copy across to it from my PC. Wrong! So I now have an iTunes account, and have learnt how to search for a particular artist and sample tracks from the downloadable albums. I haven’t yet downloaded anything, but Alex reliably informs me that most tracks cost 79p each, unless they are something unusual.
I also understand (in lay-woman’s terms) that I copy CDs to my iTunes account first, and then synchronise this with my iPod to transfer them through the ether to my iPod. I can now choose which tracks to import from a CD, so I’ve edited out some of my least favourite songs. I’m still not sure how I ended up with my Abba Gold CD with song titles in something which looks like a cross between Chinese and Russian, but think of all the fun I’ll have learning which symbols stand for which track!
I’ve also learnt how to delete from my iTunes account, and know that when I synchronise my iPod again, I will lose everything I laboriously copied across if I don’t change from Automatic to Manual synchronisation.
I’ve also learnt, most importantly, how to USE my iPod, and can twizzle the dial now to find what I’m looking for. I’ve also learnt how to customise some of the settings to save power and make each charge last for longer – turning off the Click; turning the brightness down; reducing the amount of time before the screen fades. And I’ve found the volume control.
I’ve enjoyed learning all this, and found it quite a challenge at times. The proof will be in the use, although my other newphew Matthew and I did listen to Stephen Fry reading, with one earphone each……………..

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Safety of Hotspots

I saw part of a feature on Watchdog about Wi-fi Hotspots, showing that some are not secure. Rav Wilding was obviously horrified at how easy it can be for other people to access your personal data if you log on at a Hotspot without taking the necessary precautions.

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Image generator – visual poetry

I’ve found this image generator which enables you to create visual poetry, which is fun!

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Cream Tea at St Thomas Library

Cream Tea at St Thomas Library

Originally uploaded by sylviadevon

This is part of the Grundtvig Project LL4S Devon Meeting – a traditional English Cream Tea!

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Life after Grundtvig!

The Grundtvig partners’ visit to Devon was a brilliant experience – meeting up with people from Bulgaria, Denmark, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden to focus on Lifelong Learning opportunites for seniors. I have been inspired by the enthusiasm and innovation out there. I also rediscovered old skills and learnt new ones.
I’ve created a Flickr account and uploaded photos from the Devon visit – we didn’t spend ALL the time eating! It was also lovely to share sunny Devon with people visiting for the first time.
Check out the photos!

There’s more information about the Devon meeting on the Wiki:
and about the LL4S Project as a whole at:

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Research on Local Authorities and Web 2.0

I’ve signed up to various newsletters, e-mail update sites and so on, and one of them has sent me an update to a Blog which is looking at Local Authorities’ and Web 2.0
The link to the research reported is:
I haven’t read through it all yet, so I’m putting on here as a reminder to me to go back and look at it in depth!

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Latest from the training desk

I’m in the middle of a couple of weeks where I’m receiving so much relevant information on areas of work currently under way. Today is no exception! I’m part of Focus Groups on Leadership Development and on People with Potential, and this link to a mind-map on leadership qualities has just come through to me. This is my first mind-map link in my Blog….

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